Get started with Prisma - Step 0

Step 0 - Setup a simple Prisma Project



This is the first post of a series of mini (should take a few minutes) tutorials to get you started with Prisma. In this tutorial I set up the Prisma Client and print some attributes of a relation stored on a simple SQLite database (supplied). This tutorial has batteries included (.env.example and db/mydb.sqlite). You just need to have a recent node.js installed.

What's included?

First clone this repo:

This small repo gets you started with an SQLite database and Prisma/Typescript. In order to advance things fast, an SQLite version of the Northwind database(supplied by MS Access back in the time) is supplied in the db/mydb.sqlite folder.


  • Run yarn install
  • Run yarn prisma init
  • Copy .env.example to .env to use the simple sqlite database on db folder
  • Edit prisma/schema.prisma and make sure the provider is "sqlite"
datasource db {
  provider = "sqlite"
  url      = env("DATABASE_URL")
  • Use introspection to populate the prisma.schema and issue: yarn prisma db pull
  • Run yarn prisma generate to generate the @prisma/client for this demo application

What I can do next?

  • Either run yarn tsc and then node dist/ to see the Employees table on the console.
  • Or run yarn prisma studio to start Prisma Studio and check the supplied database. -- Play around and have fun with the src/index.ts
  • Wait the next tutorial on this series.

have fun!

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